Support tomorrow’s journalists today is a semester-long opportunity for students of Franklin College’s Pulliam School of Journalism. For 15 weeks, political reporting is their full-time job as they work in the press corps at the Indiana Statehouse in downtown Indianapolis—interviewing politicians, attending press conferences, dissecting complicated stories with statewide import and filling necessary gaps in Indiana’s media landscape.


The articles, photos, graphics and videos our student journalists produce each day go out to 35 professional media outlets that subscribe to this unique stringer service as well as the paid subscribers of our website. These funds go back to the students through stipends and other operational costs, so no one is barred from this life-changing experience for financial reasons.


TheStatehouseFile’s student reporters and editors are entering the field at an especially difficult and momentous time for journalism. You can help support their work through one-time or ongoing donations or even sponsorship of an individual student for a semester. For more information, click the button below or email Publisher John Krull at


Looking back, I see so much change in the way I wrote to now, and I couldn’t be happier. I love seeing fewer edits and knowing I must be improving. Writing has always been a passion of mine, and being able to focus on it made so much growth happen for 

me. I’m really grateful for this class. It has given me the opportunity to focus on what I love the most. I felt like there were really important people that believed in me. This class, while exhausting at times, has sparked a match for me that I’m not letting go out any time soon.

—Alexa Shrake, Class of 2023

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