By James Polston INDIANAPOLIS — The Rotary Club of Indianapolis used the backdrop of Gleaners Food Bank Tuesday to kick off its annual campaign to get people to engage in volunteer activities to improve their communities. Indy Do Day, launched in 2013, is a three-day community service initiative with groups doing projects across Indianapolis. The initiative was developed by a coalition of area businesses and organizations looking to inspire change and is now managed by the Rotary Club of Indianapolis. [caption id="attachment_36695" align="alignright" width="382"]

Fifth Indy Do Day kicks off with high hopes of volunteer turnout

Members of the Rotary Club of Indianapolis kicked off Indy Do Day with their own project after Tuesday’s luncheon. Photo by James Polston,

Members of the Rotary Club of Indianapolis kicked off Indy Do Day with their own project after Tuesday’s luncheon at Gleaners. Photo by James Polston,[/caption] Now in its fifth year, Indianapolis Rotary Club President John Mainella said Indy Do Day is looking to continue growth in volunteer numbers once again. “In 2013, we thought that having 10,000 volunteers, including nearly 8,000 from Eli Lilly & Co., was a big deal and it was,” Mainella said. “But over the years we have continued to grow and grow and last year we topped more than 23,000 volunteers from Indy Do Day and that is impressive.” This year’s goal for Indy Do Day is 30,000 people volunteering in Indianapolis on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Along with kicking off Indy Do Day, the Rotary Club of Indianapolis and Gleaners Food Bank announced the dedication of two trees outside the building to the Lugar family as part of an effort to beautify the outside of their building. “This means a great deal to my family,” former Sen. Richard Lugar said. Lugar, who currently serves as president of The Lugar Center, along with family members, were there for the tree dedication that honored their family. Lugar’s father and brother were both presidents of the Rotary Club of Indianapolis and his nephew, Todd Lugar, makes the Lugar family a three-generation member of the club. After the luncheon, people in attendance at the event had the opportunity to choose from one of three to volunteer activities at Gleaners to kick-off Indy Do Day. The activities included landscaping, building science kits with Teachers’ Treasures or packing BackSacks: Weekend Food for Kids. A group of students from St. Richard’s Episcopal School were also onsite to support the volunteer activations that will also participate in their own project Thursday at the school. For more information or to register to volunteer, visit 

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