By Zen Stripling

INDIANAPOLIS—Newly elected Indiana state Rep. Michelle Davis, a Republican representing the Greenwood area, is just a few weeks into her first legislative session. 

Davis is appointed to both the House Education Committee and House Judiciary Committee. 

Q&A: New legislator from Greenwood area is focusing on education


Her background is in education: She holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Ball State University and a master’s of education in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis in career and technical education from Purdue University. 

Davis recently shared her thoughts on the 2021 session with

What are your main focus areas for this legislative session?

“Learning the process overall, from the Senate side to the House side, making connections. Just learning as much as possible. Building relationships is how things work on getting support. Being as helpful as I can with the background that I bring to the Statehouse.” 

What do you wish to accomplish for this legislative session regarding House District 58?

“To represent the working class from District 58 with my experiences. (To) be a representative that can be reached out to. I hope I can be that person. Not having done this before, it’s hard to have goals right now.” 

How has your experience gone with being appointed to the House Education Committee and House Judiciary Committee? Do you feel that it was what you expected?

“With my background in education, it was a relief. I’m in that world. I can talk about it. I’m very confident and comfortable talking about education. (With Judiciary), it’s a lot of learning, eyes wide open. There are no expectations since I’m not as familiar. I’m excited to learn and broaden my knowledge. … People have been very nice; it’s a team-like atmosphere. So far, I’ve enjoyed this experience. 

What advice do you have for those aspiring to be in your position?

“It’s hard, but it’s a very fulfilling experience. It’s about creating and making connections. There’s a lot to door knocking and campaigning.” 

Anything else you would like to elaborate on? 

“I give out the Hardworking Hoosier Award, which gives a social media spotlight. I go to their work or wherever appropriate and meet them in hopes that it’ll keep me aware of issues, concerns and thoughts. It’s a great day when I’m meeting these people in the district and thanking them. I have an advantage with being closer to Indy; unlike others, I can stay more connected to the district. As a representative, it’s about representing people.” 

Zen Stripling is a reporter for, a news website powered by Franklin College journalism students.

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