When did or do seasons start?

Deer season with archery season began Oct.1 and will go until Jan.2. Deer season with firearms begins Nov. 13 and goes until Nov. 28.

Turkey's archery season began Oct.1 and will go until Oct. 31. It will resume on Dec.4, and go until Jan.2. Hunting with firearms will begin Oct. 20 and go until Oct. 31.

Red & gray Fox hunting season is from Oct. 15 to Feb. 28. Trapping season is from Oct. 15 to Jan. 31.

Why are some seasons longer than others?

Hunting seasons are determined by the population of whatever game is being hunted, according to Anthony Barenie, R3 manager with Indiana DNR-Division of Fish and Wildlife. This is why certain equipment is permitted for different lengths of time during season.

“The firearms season is much shorter, because they want to make sure they're effectively and appropriately managing the population,” he said.

How can someone get a license to hunt?

Indiana residents can buy a license online following this link. They can also purchase one in person from some retailers, county clerks, and DNR properties. Or, there is an option by mail.

Anyone born after Dec.31, 1986 is also required to complete a DNR-offered hunter education class in order to purchase a license.

“These are also really important just for somebody to make sure that they have the necessary knowledge to safely handle firearms and archery equipment, and to understand how to move safely if you're going to be in a field or in the woods,” Barenie said.

Is there a limit on how many animals you can kill? Who keeps track of this?

Yes. There is a harvesting limit depending on what game you are hunting and what you are hunting with. Those details are in the Indiana Hunting and Trapping Guide. Hunters are required to register their kill with the DNR 48 hours after with deer and turkey. Conservation officers are often in the field checking people’s licenses.

Where can I hunt in Indiana?

The DNR has an interactive hunting map that can be found here that gives some of the best public land in Indiana to hunt.

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