There is no better way to get acquainted with what it is to be a Hoosier than attending the Indiana State Fair. 

Samuel Lessard and his parents, Kailey and Daniel Lessard, recently moved to Fishers. They came all the way from Arizona—a move that came with a bit of culture shock.

“It’s definitely different from Arizona, so we are enjoying it, ''said Kailey. She noted that Indiana's agriculture, animals and cooler weather are all new experiences for them. 

Other than coming for the ultimate Hoosier experience, this year they are also celebrating Samuel's third birthday.

While his parents shared some fair food, Samuel sat in his wagon enjoying a swirled ice cream cone. His face was clean—for a minute—but got a bit messy as the cone shrunk. He smiled at his dad to show off his new look. His mom said he is an easy-going guy. 

“He says 'hey' a lot,” she said. “Now all he says is 'hay is for horses' when he wants someone's attention.” 

Hay may be for horses, but ice cream is clearly for Samuel—even if half the cone didn't make it to his taste buds. 

—Kyra Howard

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