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INDIANAPOLIS—The Indiana Chamber of Commerce and the Wellness Council of Indiana have put together a new campaign called COVID Stops Here to push for employers to increase their vaccination rates.

Indiana businesses that achieve certain vaccination rates receive a designation from both organizations. The Indiana Chamber of Commerce said on its website that employers who meet the requirements also receive a media kit, which can be used for promotion.

The first designation comes when workplaces hit a 70% vaccination rate. At this point, they are considered a bronze workplace. There are higher designations for when workplaces hit 80%, 90% and 100% vaccination rates, which changes them from bronze to silver, gold or platinum.

According to the Chamber’s website, currently there are over 100 workplaces that have hit 100% vaccination status, making them platinum employers.

The Indiana Covid Vaccine Dashboard, a vaccination report updated daily, shows that as of Oct. 8, over 3 million individuals have been fully-vaccinated.

During the months of March, April and May, on any given day there were over 45,000 people getting vaccinated. During September, this number went down to about 10,000.

The Indiana Chamber’s CEO Kevin Brinegar reacted to President Biden’s Sept. 10 federal mask mandate, saying in a media release, “The Indiana Chamber has and will continue to urge all employers across the state to encourage their employees to get vaccinated for COVID-19. Our stance has been that it should be left up to each employer to determine whether to adopt a vaccine mandate. We believe individual employers are in the strongest position to know the best route for them to protect their employees and to uniquely address any work environment challenges.”

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce and the Wellness Council of Indiana are both offering assistance to businesses eager to increase vaccination rates. Brinegar also said in a release that the organizations “stand ready to offer assistance to Hoosier employers as they work to implement a policy to determine employee vaccine status and the logistics around testing for those who choose to not get vaccinated.”

Rebecca Patrick with the Indiana Chamber of Commerce discussed the benefits companies can see from achieving a high vaccination rate.

“This campaign provides employers an opportunity to publicize their vaccine level, which can provide peace of mind and reassurance to those working for or having dealings with that organization. Having a high vaccination rate and sharing that information can have a big impact on employee safety and morale, as well as positively impact the company’s relationships with customers, visitors and partners,” Patrick said.

Patrick said that surveys have shown that people have decreased confidence in Congress and the media, but over 70% have trust in their employer. “We felt there was a need to try and amplify the employer voice during the pandemic to provide good, documented guidance.”

Ashlyn Myers is a reporter for, a news website powered by Franklin College journalism students

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