Absentee voting legislation House Bill 1334 is now heading to the Indiana Senate. Authored by by Rep. Timothy Wesco, R-Osceola, it was passed in the Indiana House of Representatives last week 64-27.

Want to vote by mail? You've got til midnight to apply online

The bill says voters must request an absentee ballot—they cannot be sent one by “an agency of the state or a political subdivision” unsolicited—and must provide certain forms of ID with their application.

Rep. Kyle Pierce, R-Anderson, tried to clarify the bill, saying the rules would be the same for voting either by mail or in person. 

However, Rep. Tonya Pfaff, D-Terre Haute, said the bill would suppress voters, making it harder for some people to vote, in particular the elderly.

—Xain Ballenger

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Wow! There must be an awful lot of voter fraud in Indiana if the State Legislature goes to so much trouble to DISCOURAGE voting, instead of ENCOURAGING it. Since Indiana is nearly always the first red state to show up on the map on election night, maybe the Department of Justice should look into why they're working so hard to make it difficult to vote. Glad I live in California where they send everyone a vote-by-mail ballot and encourage voting rather than discouraging it.


No, there's not a lot of voter fraud in Indiana, but the Republicans, totally in control of the state, do a good job of keeping their base riled up by promoting ideas like minority voter fraud. You can bet voter fraud would never be an issue in rural Indiana; it's only possible in those awful urban areas like Indianapolis and northern Lake County.


the big lie has destroyed our country . maga legislators want to limit the the elderly , handicapped and military ability to vote. Indiana a state of hate.

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